Sunday, June 8, 2008

Local diet update - June 8, 2008

As I mentioned last week, I missed this week's farmers market so that I could visit Sand Creek Farm and Dairy for their Farm Day (more on Farm Day tomorrow). But having stocked up at last week's farmers market, as well as having picked up a few things this week, I think we're set. 

The fridge is stocked with fresh eggs, homemade jams, steamed green beans, homemade soup, mashed potatoes, and stir fry. I also have raw potatoes, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, squash and basil just waiting to be fried up into a second stir fry with the Amici olive oil I got at the farmers market a few weeks ago.

We picked up a gallon of local milk at the dairy pick-up on Friday. I still have some gouda in the fridge from a few weeks ago (you can never have too much cheese as far as I'm concerned).

The freezer is bursting (quite literally) with additional jars of homemade soup, as well as homemade bagels, white sandwich rolls, rye dinner rolls, pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookie dough, and bag after bag of local berries. 

As far as fruit goes, I'm low. I might have to pull a bag or two out of the freezer though I was trying not to touch that until late fall. We'll just have to see. I was hoping to pick tons of fruit out at the farm yesterday but we ended up coming home with all of maybe a dozen VERY tiny plums. I do have some leftover watermelon from last week. We'll see how far that takes me. I'll definitely be stocking up on whatever fruit is available at the farmers market next weekend.

My newest additions are beans, rice, whole wheat flour, and cornmeal (all local) which a friend of mine picked up for me from DiIorio market this past week. Yep! Local, local, local! That flour, cornmeal, and rice open up all kinds of meal possibilities (anyone see cornbread in my future?)! And those beans will be great in soup or with the rice! Yum! I also picked up some sausage from Sand Creek Farm yesterday. I'll be flex-ing that "flexitarian" label with some local meat soon!

Now, I do have a confession to make. It's like this. I walked over to the grocery to pick up some witch hazel and some commercial yogurt (which I'll freeze in small containers to use as bacterial starter for my homemade yogurt). As I was passing the organic isles, I thought I'd just stop in to see their organic baking supplies. It just so happens that next to the organic baking supplies are the organic pasta supplies (my hubby likes to make organic pasta with the Muir Glen mushroom pasta sauce for those days when he has to fend for himself). All the pasta supplies were super cheap so I thought I'd stock up on a few items for him.  Well, it was then I noticed that LOTS of stuff was on sale so I started wandering down each of the organic isles. I knew it was a mistake the minute I turned to corner for the organic cereal. I should have stopped and turned around, but the pull was too much and there they were. My favorite flakes on sale. 

What's that, my sweet little flakes? You want to come home with me? Well, I don't know. I mean, I'm on this local diet and you aren't local or a whole food. What's that? You love me too? Well, that's sweet, but... Oh, alright. Let's go.

What? Your food doesn't talk to you? Anyway, that's how I ended up with Nature's Path Millet Rice Flakes. Thankfully, my favorite cereal also happens to be pretty healthy and only contains 6 ingredients, none of which is HFCS. I suppose it could have been worse and I could have come home with Fruit Loops or something. So there it is. I gave into my weakness, but you can bet I'm going to be enjoying every bite!

As for meal possibilities this week, it's pretty close to last week but there are a few additions. Let's see...

  • Cereal and local, whole milk
  • Eggs - any which way you want them (local)
  • Yogurt (homemade from local, whole milk)
  • Breads, rolls, bagels, and sweet breads (all baked by me from scratch) with homemade jam or gouda (fruit in jam and gouda are local)
  • Fresh, local fruit - of course I have those few plums from the farm and the rest of the watermelon, but I also have tons of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and dewberries to pull from in the freezer
  • Pancakes and syrup (the last batch of pancakes isn't local, but I'm going to make a new batch with my new local whole wheat flour)
  • Vegetable soup (leftovers with more in the freezer) - spinach, onion, zucchini, squash, tomato, basil, and oregano (the only non-local items are salt and olive oil)
  • White or rye yeast rolls with jam (fruit in jam is local; bread isn't but it's homemade)
  • Cornbread (local cornmeal, eggs, and milk)
  • Leftovers from dinner menu
  • Steamed green beans (local)
  • Corn on the cob (local)
  • Mashed potatoes (local) - I haven't made mashed potatoes in years, but with the help of the super cool, ultra-mega mixer, these mashed potatoes are delicious!
  • Stir fry 1 - yellow and red potatoes, onion, mushrooms, parsley, and just a bit of salt, stir-fried in olive oil (all local except salt and olive oil) YUM!
  • Stir fry 2 - onion, mushrooms, zucchini, squash, and basil stir-fried in olive oil with just a hint of salt, served over local rice (all local except salt and olive oil)
  • Beans and rice (local)
  • Sliced tomato sandwiches - fresh gouda toasted on a homemade bun with a nice thick slice of tomato - Mmmm! (gouda and tomato local)
  • Sausage with any combination of the above (local)
I don't know about you, but I'm hungry and the fridge is full. It's going to be another yummy week. Happy (and mindful) eating!

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