Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blue ribbon blackberry jam

In last week's post, "Jamming with the neighbors," I talked about how excited I was that not only had I learned to make jam, but I was now showing others how to do it too. We had such a wonderful afternoon, the jam was delicious, the jars sealed up perfectly - it was a real treat!

Well, I was walking home this evening and the two neighbor girls came running out to me. Get this - at the last minute, they decided to enter our blackberry jam in a 4-H contest and you guessed it - THEY WON A BLUE RIBBON!

The girls were just beside themselves with excitement and enthusiastically told me all about plans to pick berries and peaches this week. They've invited me over for another jam session. Yep. I'm in! 

That just made my day!


Theresa said...

Hey, that's terrific! You're obviously doing a lot of things right!

Beany said...

That is enough to brighten one's day. I'm so impressed at how much you've begun to change people's perception in your town...about bicyclists, eating locally and now canning. It must be exciting.

Heather @ SGF said...

I love watching the change in the 2 girls attitude. As we were making jam the first time, they were teasing about how the lady, whose house they picked the berries at, wanted them to come back and they didn't seem all that excited about picking more berries. After the blue ribbon, they were excited about going back to get more berries AND peaches! Talk about an attitude shift! I love it!