Saturday, December 12, 2009

Local diet update - December 12, 2009

Today marked the first of two holiday celebrations at the Brazos Valley Farmers' Market. Sixteen vendors celebrated with us, decorating their booths and dressing up with lots of holiday spirit. This included local spinner, Charline Watz, who dazzled the crowd with her spinning wheel. Also featured this week to help us celebrate the holidays were Alethea Bair (violinist for the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra), a raffle including 4 market prizes that raised $104 for the local food bank, volunteer customers and vendors singing carols, and Santa himself with treats for the kids.

Of course, you can't talk about the farmers' market without talking about great food. Here's what was available at the market today:

Veggies and Fruits: yellow onions, green onions, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, purple potatoes, yellow squash, carrots, green tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, miniature bok choy, peanuts, a variety of hot and sweet peppers, turnips, radishes, spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens, collard greens, rutabaga greens, lettuce, herbs, lemons, dried apples, dried cranberries

Meat: beef and veal

Baked Goods: tamales, yeast breads, sweet breads, cheese breads, herb breads, cakes, pies, pecan treats, pound cake, puppy cookies

Canned Goods: jellies, jams, relishes, pickles, salsas, sweet spreads, canned veggies (tomatoes, eggplant preserves, pickled peppers)

Other Foods: pecans, eggs, olive oil, cornmeal, whole wheat flour, hot pepper sauce, honey

Crafts: stained glass, hand-spun wool and angora, greeting cards, decorative plaques, reed diffusers, magnets, jewelry, pottery, aprons, hats, bands, wooden benches, candles, pot holders, rosaries
If you missed this week's market, we're doing it again next week - with holiday music, more raffle prizes, and Santa is making another appearance!

Since my booth hosted the raffle, I was swamped all morning. But I did manage to pick up a few needed goodies before we head out on our trip. Let's see... I got honey and whole wheat flour to make my homemade bread, a gorgeous bowl that I just couldn't pass up (I love handmade dishes!), and some pork puppy cookies to give as a gift next week. Also in the photo are some Texas persimmons and tangerines that were given to me by a friend. Mmm! Gonna enjoy those this week!

With travel days in my immediate future (more on that soon, I promise), I won't be doing much cooking this week. Just nibbling on that local fruit and finishing up the last of the leftovers in the fridge. Maybe I'll cook up some of the sweet potatoes we harvested this fall from the backyard. You know sweet potato soup sounds really good right now...

One last note before I close. Today's farmers' market was a perfect example of how eating a local diet isn't just about the food. It's about an amazing community coming together, week after week to celebrate all that life has to offer. THIS is what local food is all about.

Have a great week everyone! And, as always, Happy (and mindful) eating!


Tammy said...

It was a lot of fun...the basket I won in the raffle will make a nice addition to other things my sis and I are giving to family members for Christmas(even though my sis did grab a few things she liked from it).
I saw Richard today, he was on his way to visit his mother. You know, I think that is the best part about the Market. I see Amy buying ingredients or Richard or one of the other vendors or customers out and about and they are just really some of the best people you ever met. I called Karen with a bruised apple problem (10 pounds or so)which created a trade for those tasty persimmons...which my hubby adors, by the way. The phone conversation with Karen was just nice. She is just so down to earth and genuine. Anyhow...I'm rambling.
I bought lots of broccoli, spinach, purple potatoes, yellow squash, lettuce, persimmon walnut bread, cranberry orange bread, a pound of coffee(John visited for a minute), 10 pounds of ground beef, a jar of jalepenos, bread and butter pickles, a dozen eggs, and a pecan assortment(fudge and brittle--intended for a gift but then my son and hubby saw it). I also received a popcorn ball, a basket of persimmons, a candle(traded for some persimmons), and a basket of various items. It was quite a haul. I seriously need to make an effort to use everything down now. There wasn't a CSA pickup this week so, I think it'll be okay...

sharli said...

Those tangerines look yummy!

Chile said...

Ooo, purple potatoes. I haven't seen those for years and only at a high end grocery store.

The farmer's market festivities sound wonderful!

Heather @ SGF said...

Tammy - I like that about the market people too. Everyone is down to earth and so much a part of our community. I've run into Carolyn around town as well as James Kneip. And many of the other vendors say they see my on my bike all over the place :) So nice to connect outside the market!

Sharli - Would you believe I haven't bit into one yet? Maybe tonight for a snack :)

Chile - They're pretty cool! I like that they're purple inside too. Lois started selling them after a customer brought her a couple and asked her if she could grow them. Lois sprouted those couple potatoes and now two years later, we have purple potatoes at the market. Awesome!

Chile said...

Wow, I love how she got started growing the spuds!

Heather @ SGF said...

Chile - Me too.

Siththarasithwila said...

Merry Christmas All of you...!

Anonymous said...

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