Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday 2009 - Driving to Cali (Dallas)

We'll we've made our first stop of the trip on our way to California for the holidays.

Our first stop was to visit my brother and his family, including his new baby daughter (Hazel Evelyn), born just under 2 weeks ago (you forget how tiny they really are). We had a wonderful time talking with him and his wife, holding the baby, and playing with the other three girls. The handmade dolls I bought for the girls from the farmers' market were a HUGE hit, as was my homemade jam! Yes!

Next, we stopped by a friend's house for dinner. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo because the meal was mega drool-worthy (the ultimate compliment in my book). For the dedicated meat-lover in my hubby, there was a carnivorous option - chicken and hot peppers; but for me and another veggie-loving friend, there was also a vegan option with cauliflower subbed for the chicken. It was all sauteed in a garlic-soy-sesame oil sauce. The veggies and sauce (or chicken, if you preferred) was served over couscous or brown rice (I chose both, of course). Good gravy, it was delicious!

We retired to the family room to watch a movie and talk before finally falling into bed at 1AM. But we're up and ready for another day of driving today. Next stop... Van Horn TX.

Happy Holidays!


timeus said...

Cute kid in the picture.

Heather @ SGF said...

You think? Actually, we needed Hannah on our way to Van Horn to demonstrate "red light" to the semi that ran us off the road. Where are the kids when you need them :)

Anonymous said...

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