Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pedal Power Update - April 2009

Similar to February, March brought some serious winds to my area of Texas. Gusts of 20-25 miles an hour were fairly normal meaning that many days, biking just wasn't an option. I still managed to get most of my errands (at least those in Bryan) done on a bike. Anything further, though, and I just rode in towards work with Dave, he'd drop me somewhere off along the way, I'd walk my errands around, then catch the bus home (or most of the way home - Home is still about a 30 minute walk from the closest University bus stop). 

Needless to say, I still got lots of exercise while walking and exercising my pedal power. Although we've experienced some pretty extreme temps (one day I'll bike in shorts and a t-shirt, the next I'm bundled in layers with a heavy coat, hat, scarf, and mittens), I think we've finally reached the end of winter. Surprisingly enough, it was far less daunting that I feared. Even temps in the 30's didn't keep me off my bike. With an extra layer or two, more often than not, I'd end up sweating by the end of my bike ride. It's just that gosh darn wind that gets me. 

I suppose the wind will continue through the next month or so and we move through an abbreviated Spring here in Texas (we usually go from cool to hot with not much time in between). I may have to walk a little more often, but before long, I'll be biking around in 100 degree weather, a water bottle in my basket, and a nice Texas tan (on my arms and legs anyway -  I look like a striped freak in a bathing suit, but what can you do?).

So what about you? As temps start to warm in your area, do you plan to exercise a little more pedal power?


Seraphim said...

I'm a walker in all seasons (living in the city, we got rid of our family car last year and haven't looked back) but now the weather is picking up around here, I think it would be really nice to be able to 'widen my horizons' and cycle to a few places. I need to buy a bike though, so I have to wait until I can find what I need second hand. Never mind though, I'm sure walking still helps!
Can I ask what sort of bike you have? I know nothing about them really but I know I would like one that is suitable for a mixture of terrain.... I'll probably use it to get out into the country as well as go along the roads, so I'll have to do some research!


Heather @ SGF said...

Sera - I was always a walker too, but now I love my bike. I can get more errands done in less time that just walking (particularly for those longer distances) and am not using public transportation nearly as often.

I have a Giant Cypress Hybrid. It's a really comfy bike as I sit up rather than being hunched over like some of the road bikes. My hubby read your comment this morning and he suggested looked for a mountain bike since you're talking about a mixture of terrains. He said you should be able to find a used one pretty cheap. Let me know how it goes :)

Libby said...

i have my bike sitting on my porch. i think i'll start making an effort to use it more!

also, sorry i'm just now getting back to you...i'm not a student anymore, so i wouldn't be able to go to that talk. thanks for the invite though! looks very interesting.

And I gave you a blog award yesterday b/c i've really enjoyed reading your blog....just fyi:-)

Chris said...

I am also in the Brazos valley (CS), and I know exactly what you're talking about. That darn wind. And sometimes the rain here is ridiculous. I've been committed to commuting for over a year now, and I think I've gotten a ride home twice in 240 work days (Remember that one day it was snowing pretty good around 5 p.m.?)

Anyway, Thanks for the blog! It comes recommended by another B/CS friend. Maybe I'll see you on the road!

Heather @ SGF said...

Chris - Yeah, I was going to bike this morning to the library and the wind was brutal, so I just snuck out with the car for a few minutes because I had an errand I needed to do today. Then Dave headed out to work with the car when I got back. I guess I could have walked, but it would have been 1-1/2 hours of exercise and I still had about 3-4 hours of gardening ahead of me.

Does the wind seem worse to you this year? I know we get wind in the spring but this has been going on for several months now. Yikes!