Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You have got to be kidding me

Ok. So over the weekend, I expressed my dismay at all my recent bad luck. Basically, it all started on Friday when my printer at work just decided not to work anymore. Ok. Not a big deal, right? So then on the way home from work on Friday, I got a flat tire on my bike and had to walk it the rest of the way home which amounted to something like an extra 30 minutes in the blistering afternoon Texas sun. By Saturday morning, the hard drive on my laptop had died and I lost virtually everything on it - iTunes, photos, files, etc. Thinking that was the end of the drama, Dave took my bike to the bike shop on Saturday to be repaired and then the computer went to the computer shop on Monday. What a crazy weekend. Ha ha. 

So here's where I would cry if I could just stop laughing. Because it actually gets worse.

Of course, I took the city bus in to work that day (no problem) only to arrive and find out there has been massive administrative upheaval. In an underhanded and apparently conspiratorial move on the part of the "higher-ups," the dean in my school has been relieved of his position. Frankly, it has everyone in complete shock and, to be perfectly honest, in complete outrage. This announcement is then followed by the fact that although IT fixed my printer problem, I still can't print. What is the problem exactly? One day it works, the next it doesn't? Its not like I blame the IT guys. My work computer is an endless stream of problems. Frustrated, I just go home (by university bus to save a buck) which includes a 30 walk from the bus stop to my back door. No problem other than the fact, that my digestive disorder has kicked into high gear (swollen abdomen and moderate pain), so upon arriving at home, I did what any self-respecting American woman would do - I make chocolate chip cookie dough, making sure to lick the bowl, the beater, and taking a few extra dozen nibbles here and there. Quality assurance is important, is it not?

Tuesdays I normally work from home, and I really should have never gotten out of bed since I still was feeling really crummy, but no computer, so albeit slowly, I get ready for work. The same time Dave heads off on his bike, I head out to catch the city bus. I walk the 10-15 minutes to the closest stop. I see the Purple-line bus and pick it up (so far so good). Then at the transfer point, the Green-line bus that I need to take isn't there. It needs a quick fix and won't be running for the one hour I need it (city buses only run once an hour). Did you get that - JUST THE ONE HOUR I NEED IT. So instead of a 10 minute walk from the bus stop to my office, I will have to catch the Yellow-line bus and walk 40 minutes to my office (keep in mind it may be morning, but it's Texas and it's still hot).  So my abdomen is swollen up like a basketball, I'm tired, I'm hot, I'm in pain, but at least I'm finally at work. 

Again, they "fixed" my computer, but somehow now I can only print Word documents?  Ugh. So the IT guys hijack my computer (remotely) once again to try to fix things. Seems I have some kind of corrupted file that is screwing everything up. Ok. Fine. Well, in the mean time, I get a call that my bike is ready to pick up. Sweet!  I just need to catch a quick bus ride to the bike shop and I can bike the rest of the way home. Easy, right? Dave even offers to meet me there and ride home with me. Fun! So after another hour in front of a hijacked computer, I tell the IT guy (who is still working remotely) that I need to head out to catch the bus and he says he'll be right up so he can work on my computer directly. I waited 15 minutes. Nothing. So I rush out the door, practically run another 15 minutes to the bus stop and just barely make the bus. Pshew!

The bus drops me off within a block of the bike store, I pick up my bike, and pay the charges. Within moments of getting outside, Dave has met up with me and we're off! Yeah! No computer, but at least I have my bike, right? Fifteen minutes into the ride, I have a flat. I FRICKIN' KID YOU NOT!  Thankfully Dave is with me, so he tries to fix it. I mean I even have special tires that seal themselves and Dave has one of those air canisters to fill the tire with. The tire just hisses that air right back out. Well CRAP!  So promising to hurry, Dave high-tails it home to pick up the car (NOT driving the car is why we were biking in the first place, but at this point, I just want to go home). We're still pretty far out, so it's about a 20 minute ride the rest of the way home and another 10 minute drive for Dave to get back to me. In the meantime, I've just been walking along, going as far as I could.

When he we finally meet back up again (maybe 30 minutes later), we load the bike up and decide that since we're already driving, we might as well head back to the bike shop. It turns out, they put too small a tube in the bike and when I hit something sharp, it popped the tire. Oh geez!  So rather than chance it, in addition to putting a new tube in, Dave buys me a $40 super-duper, almost puncture-proof "Armadillo" tire for the back wheel (that should be local right? Armadillos?). These things are made out of kevlar (no joke)!  Cross your fingers. Anyway, both of us sweaty, tired, and hot, we load the bike back into the car and drive home.

Needless to say, I walk into the house, into the shower, get into my PJs, and park my butt in the bed.  Someone (God, Allah, Gaia, Zeus, the fates) is trying to tell me I just shouldn't get out of bed and I'm not going to argue. Wednesday is now officially a sick (of dealing with all this crap) day. I've told my boss I won't be in. I'm going to hide in my bed, eat my meals there, and read a book. If you need me, you know where to find me. 


Melissa said...

hope it gets better soon :) enjoy your day off!

sharli said...

Get some rest! See you on Friday!

Debbie said...

I recommend chocolate!

arduous said...

OH MY GOD. THAT IS THE SUCK! Hope your mental health day makes you feel better!!

Theresa said...

Sending you lots of recuperative vibes!

Heather @ SGF said...

Thanks everyone! Dave came home with a big chocolate chip cookie from my favorite local bakery. I think it's going to be ok.

Beany said...

I had a really lousy week too. So you have my sympathies. But, I didn't have the Texas heat to deal with.

I need some chocolate too.

Heather @ SGF said...

Things are finally picking up. I haven't tested the new tire on my bike yet, but at least I have it at home for my next ride. My computer at work is finally fixed and is printing. Now I'm just waiting on my home computer. There's a chance I could have it today, but more likely it'll be next week. Because I depend so much on being able to work from home this has been the toughest. Hopefully not too much longer...