Saturday, May 31, 2008

Be warned - I could be contageous

It seems I've contracted the kiss of death. I'm a little nervous about passing this horrendous disease on so I'll be brief. It all started on Friday when I couldn't get my printer to print at the office. I rebooted my computer, tried test pages. Nothing. Fine. Be that way. No big deal. But then on the bike ride home, I had just finished the toughest part of the ride and had just gotten to the point where it would be mostly down hill the rest of the way and lucky me. I got a flat tire. So a 45 minute bike ride became 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes walking in the heat of mid-day Texas sun. Ok. I'm still alive (no heatstroke or anything), although because I have special tires and it was a really bad flat, the bike had to go to the shop (I miss you BlueBell!). At least I had plenty of water in my basket, right?

Then this morning, in every other way just a normal Saturday morning, the frickin hard drive on my laptop died. Eek! Some things were recovered, but I lost all my photos. Poo. Well, it could be worse. I could have lost everything and at least it will most likely be fixed on Monday. But I'm a little worried about touching anything - I'm on my hubby's laptop now. Please don't break!

It seems this disease hasn't continued to spread. Dave and the "kids" all seem to be fine (unless I've killed them too and they're just hanging around haunting me for the fun of it, in which case all I ask is that you keep it down when I'm sleeping and if you insist on a medium, Whoopie Goldberg is pretty cool.)

So here I am - no bike and no computer. Oh and you'll love this. I popped into the grocery this evening for a watermelon (Texas, of course) and on my way out a gentleman said, "I saw you walked here. Are you going to walk that watermelon all the way home? Would you like a ride?" I politely refused, but what I was really thinking was, "GREAT! Yesterday, I walked a flat tire for 2 miles, my skin melting off my body in the hot Texas sun, and not a single person stopped to help. But I walk 4 blocks for a melon and you want to give me a ride? Dude! Where were you yesterday?" Oh well. Such is my weekend. I'll close for now lest I infect Dave's computer as well. You know this isn't what I meant yesterday when I said I might could change the world someday...

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