Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pedal power

Could it be that our local government is starting to get it? Maybe. Maybe not. An article hit our local paper this week indicating that a bike path is being included in upcoming infrastructure plans. Now one bike path is a long way from overhauling the entire area into a more bike-friendly place, but it's certainly a start! And it just goes to show you, the more people start biking, the more the government will start paying attention to us. 

It reminds me of my trip to China in 2003 (see photos). Bikes OWNED the road. The flow of traffic was completely dependent on where the bikers went and whether they felt like stopping. There were just so many of them, bikes had complete control over the cars. It was an amazing thing to witness!

So if we want to make it safer to bike, it seems all we have to do it start biking (and encouraging others to do it to). Let's hear it for Pedal Power!


Beany said...

This is such exciting news.
I watched this documentary "scorcher" recently and it discussed how bicycling is viewed across the Atlantic and here in the U.S. I would love for more people to see bicycling as something beyond a vague fringe activity...and as a viable means to get around.

Heather @ SGF said...

Bummer. I don't see "Scorcher" in either of our library systems. I'll have to see if I can't request a copy. Sounds interesting!