Friday, June 20, 2008

The eagle has landed

That's right folks! It's finally here. Back in May when we got our super-duper, ultra-mega mixer, we were able to send in for a free ice cream attachment. Dave was just saying about a half hour ago... "Where is our ice cream attachment? I want ice cream."  Well, ask and you shall receive, baby! It just arrived. 

Let the ice cream making begin! Oh, yeah, we gotta find room in the freezer. Shuffle the bread and frozen berries, STAT!


fearlesschef said...

Because you have purchased, used and blogged about your awesome mixer (which I also happen to own), I purchased the ice cream attachment. Oh. My. Lord. I made the first official batch tonight combining a recipe from Rachel Ray and a recipe from the booklet that came in the box. I watched in glee as the soup/batter because slushy and finally cold. It's chilling in the freezer as I type, but don't think that I had any sort of self-control as I transferred the ice cream from the bowl to my tupperware container. I have huge plans for my new goodie! Have you ever used the freezer bowl back-to-back? As in, have you made larger batches and froze them in 2 (or more) segments?

Heather @ SGF said...

Glad you like it. I think it makes the YUMMIEST ice cream! We once tried to make a second batch soon after a first, but they're serious about needing to freeze the bowl for 15 hours. The ice cream didn't set on the second round so we had to put the bowl back in the freezer over night and the ice cream batter in the fridge. It worked fine the next day.

Something else we'd tried - put your tupperware container in the freezer while it's still empty; also put your batter in the fridge overnight as well as the beater (just somewhere on a fridge shelf). Anything that touches the ice cream should be cold so that the least amount of ice crystals form. So far this has worked great for us.

I'd love to have your recipe to try... :)