Sunday, May 18, 2008

Local diet update - Sunday, May 18

Another big day at the Bryan Farmers Market! The parking lot was packed full of vendors and visitors - definitely the place to be on Saturday morning! I visited with Jenelle, a friend of mine who arrived about the same time, as well as my grandparents (that was a really nice surprise). I even met a new vendor: Jammin' Granny. She has close to a dozen different jellies and jams for sale. She has just relocated from Tennessee, has started her jam making once again, and has decided to sell her goodies at our farmers market (be sure to look for her at the next market to say "hi").  

I had a nice long chat with the Long Bean Farms owners who had a beautiful spread of veggies. Great news - Long Bean Farms has openings for CSA members. If you'd like to join, check out their website! I'll keep the link on the side bar of the blog under "local food resources."

Now, my personal spread...Are you seeing those peaches in the background? Lois had peaches! LOTS of peaches. I was a good girl, though. I kept it to just a few pounds, but I'll definitely be stocking up (she has 6 trees so this is just the beginning). I just have to decide if I want to freeze or can them. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. From Lois, I also picked up some potatoes, an onion, some parsley, and oregano (does anyone see fried onions and potatoes in my future). I got a dozen eggs from Joe, who told me all about the 50 new chicks he received this week (there'll be no egg shortage in my house). I also picked up some local honey, spinach, and tomatoes. And those two pretty japanese eggplant in the middle are from a nice gentleman that I talk to every week but have never gotten his name (I'm so bad about that. I'll ask next week, I promise). They were his first eggplant of the season and he was saving them just for me. Isn't that nice?

This doesn't even begin to cover all the market had to offer. In addition to the few things I picked up, there was also fresh cut flowers, plants,  peppers, cabbage, tons of salad greens, green beans (just sold out when I arrived), blackberries, zucchini, squash, turnips, yellow potatoes, beets, tons of herbs, beef, sweet breads, and yeast breads. And that's just what I remember! 

Our milk pickup on Friday also netted us our first batch of feta cheese from the dairy. I get their gouda cheese regularly but wanted to try the feta.  Another winner! I put some on a roll last night and toasted it. It was amazingly creamy. Delicious! Another item for my regular order, for sure!

So I'm pretty excited about food this week. Of course there are fresh peaches and homemade bagels (more on the bagels tomorrow) for breakfast. I have plenty of homemade veggie soup in the freezer for lunches. We'll have fried red potatoes and onions to go with eggs and toast for dinner.  I'm also going to roast some eggplant and tomato (this week's market) along with squash and zucchini slices (from last week's market) and make roasted veggie sandwiches. Basically, roasted veggies on my homemade rolls, sprinkled with fresh feta cheese from the dairy. Mouthwatering, isn't it! Yep. You just can't beat eating locally. It's going to be a great week!


Beany said...

Your purchase sounds so heavenly! Peaches don't hit the farmers' markets here for another month or so. So I am having a strawberry orgy here. :)

I'm going to try the roasted veggie sandwiches for lunch this week. Its too simple to not make it.

Heather @ SGF said...

You know, I haven't seen strawberries yet. I thought I would but nada. I think some friends and I are going to a berry picking farm next month. I'm planning on a strawberry frenzy (most of which I'll freeze for winter). But here I am with all these blueberries, yellow raspberries, and dewberries which taste good, but strawberries are one of my favorites. Soon, hopefully.

BTW, I roasted up those veggies tonight in the oven, toasted one of my homemade rolls with a little feta, topped it off with some fresh spinach and a tomato slice, then ate it with a side of roasted carrot slices. Good heavens! It was awesome!