Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eating Locally: No need to be chicken about eating meat

With all the news about the abuse of downer cows, feed lots, and chickens kept four to a cage in such crowded conditions that their beaks must be sawed off to keep them from killing each other, it was enough to make me go vegetarian last summer. Yikes! But as it turns out, there ARE alternatives. A colleague of my husband recently asked if there were any local options for chickens that both lived and died in a healthy and sustainable way. In fact, there are. This is just a sample:

1) Alegria Eggs and Poultry

2) Sand Creek Farm

3) Home Sweet Farm

But don't take it from me, check it out for yourself. Visit Local Harvest. You can enter your search terms (chicken, eggs, beef, etc.) or just type in your zip code and get all the local suppliers in the area.

You can also check out the farmers markets. There is an all grass-fed beef supplier at the Saturday Farmers Market in Bryan. So don't be chicken about eating meat, just do it mindfully! Bon Appetit!

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