Thursday, November 5, 2009

No where to go and all day to get there*

Having finished most of my errands and housework earlier this week, I had only a few things to take care of this morning...
  • lift weights - check
  • weed front flower bed - check
  • pick up fliers at the printer - check
That left me the rest of the day with "no where to go and all day to get there," so I hopped on my bike for an adventure.

Instead of heading into town, which is my normal routine, I headed in the opposite direction, through our growing neighborhood and into farmland. The road was a tad rough, but the scenery was wonderful. Although I didn't get a photo of it, there was a beautiful deer nibbling on brush right near the road, then field after field of cows and horses. It was wonderfully peaceful and NO ONE yelled at me to get off the road. Awesome!

While I was out wandering, I passed the local winery (Messina Hof). I didn't have any wine as a few sips make me tipsy (what can I say, I'm a cheap drunk), but I loved biking past all the grapevines, not to mention the facility itself (which includes an inn and a restaurant) are beautiful.

I was only gone about an hour and a half, but it really set the pace for the day, slowing me down to enjoy the gorgeous blue sky, calm breeze, and mild temps. May every day be such a beautiful adventure!

* Lyrics from a song I heard at the farmers' market in Aptos, CA this summer


Beany said...

I love that title!

I read your post reading some soothing music and I felt like I was with you. So incredibly relaxing.

Glad the weather has gotten better.

timeus said...

Our flower beds need weeded too. Want to visit?

Heather @ SGF said...

Beany - It's absolutely gorgeous here right now (and it's lasted longer than it normally does). I don't think we've closed the windows once in weeks! Awesome!

Timeus - I really amtrying to get up that way, but I have too much scheduled. I'm thinking maybe we'll make a planned stop in Dallas when we go to California at Christmas. Sounds like you guys will have a lot going on too with the baby coming and visitors back to back for a good month.