Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 - The aftermath

Ok. Get this...

We ended up with 711 pieces of candy - this includes what we bought, what the next door neighbor gave us to hand out for her, what our housemate pitched in, and what a vendor at the market gave to us to distribute. As you can see, and Kelsey agrees, this is a serious load of candy. How will we ever get rid of it all?

Are you still with me? Even with giving out only one piece of candy per child, we ran out of candy at 8PM. That's right. WE RAN OUT OF 711 PIECES OF CANDY AND THERE WERE STILL TRICK-OR-TREATERS ROAMING THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Dude! That's a lot of kids!

As you can see, I switched costumes for the evening and became a black cat with a very homemade, last-minute, thrown-together costume, but it worked and the kids seemed to like it, although not as much as they liked petting Kelsey, who was a good girl despite all the attention.

Our housemate, dressed as a gypsy, kept me company as we handed out the goods. Dave joined us about 7PM and our housemate's boyfriend, dressed as Spencer Tracy joined us not long after that.

We had a blast. I made homemade pizza, pumpkin pie bread, and vegan banana cookies. A neighbor gave us some chocolate dipped pretzels and a market vendor had given us some cupcakes so we were eating well and enjoying hanging out with friends. Kelsey even had a good time, although she was a little upset that we were giving ALL the candy away. I did slip her some pumpkin bread though, so she was soon a happy camper.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween! Until next year!

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