Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Menu for the Future - Week 3

Having talked about the conventional food system in last week's discussion, this week's Menu for the Future chapter, "Farming for the Future" took a look at successful sustainable alternatives in farming. Polyface Farm's Joel Salatin was featured and readers were challenged to rethink our definition of "farmer," perhaps even converting some lawn space into a vegetable garden in our own yards.

As I was facilitator for the week's discussion, I approached this chapter a little differently. The questions posited in the discussion guide encouraged us to imagine life in this sustainable alternative. However, I had no doubt that for each of the 6 of us in the group, this wasn't entirely a new exercise. The question this chapter really raised for me is, What are the obstacles to making this a reality?

So I'm skipping the "Circle Question" this week to ask you this very thing... What obstacles are standing in your way to making sustainable food a reality in your own home?

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