Thursday, October 22, 2009

Market to Table - October 22, 2009

I needed a low cooking week here at SGF so I stuck with the easy stuff. Ok, all my stuff is easy stuff, but I was feeling particularly lazy so I ended up eating LOTS of sandwiches.

The photo here was definitely one of my favorites... That's my homemade whole wheat roll (honey and whole wheat are local), slathered with homemade vegan pesto (basil from the backyard), and topped with cucumber, yellow squash, and green onion (farmers' market, farmers' market, backyard). And then there's a side of sauteed veggies: carrots, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucuzza, and green pepper. Everything in the sauteed veggies is from the farmers' market except the cucuzza (neighbor's garden) and the green peppers (my garden).

The sandwich was also good with fresh local pears on the side. And then I ate the pears and the veggies and left off the sandwich. And then to shake things up a little bit, I dug into my sweet potato supply in the hall closet. Uh huh. A little olive oil (farmers' market) and a fresh sweet potato out of the back yard? Doesn't get any better than that.

Of course, you've seen what happened to the pumpkin I got at the market last weekend. Dave's been eating homemade pizza (mushrooms, green peppers, and pasta sauce are local) with nice big slices of pumpkin pie (pumpkin and eggs are local). The only thing I didn't serve up from my farmers' market haul was the spaghetti squash, but it'll keep until next week.

So what's local on your table this week?


Beany said...

so yummy!

On my plate it was autumn latkes with sweet potatoes mixed in with shredded carrots and beets.

Anonymous said...

We made a curry last night with our garden green beans and potatoes, plus local cauliflower, onions, and sweet potatoes.

I tried your flour tortilla recipe for the first time last week. I was nervous, but they were easy to make and tasted delicious. Thanks for the inspiration!

Heather @ SGF said...

Beany - Sounds like we need to do a meal swap. Yours sounds really good!

hergreenlife - Mmm, curry! Glad you enjoyed the tortillas. Once you make them it takes all the mystery out, doesn't it? They're so easy!