Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walkers and Bikers and Veg*ns, Oh My!

SGF Goes to Austin...

Dave and I drove to Georgetown (north of Austin) yesterday to checkout a store that sells wood burning stoves (we're replacing our fireplace with something that will actually heat the house). Anyway, little did I know, Dave (a dedicated meat-eater) had been scoping out vegetarian restaurants in Austin and had plans to surprise me with a special lunch. AWESOME!

After making notes on the stoves we liked best, Dave steered the car south on I35, towards Austin. Our capitol soon worked its magic with views of walkers and bikers galore, getting around town the old fashioned way. Love it!

Finally, we arrived to the spot Dave picked out for our lunch date - Mother's Cafe and Garden. Of course, I wanted to be seated in the garden section, which until the restaurant burned down a couple years ago actually was a garden. Now it was a lovely room with arrangements of plants and even a small fish pond.

Here's where the tough part came into play. Absolutely everything at Mother's is vegetarian and their drool-worthy menu is full of vegan or vegan-izable menu options. Ooh! Choices? I don't get that very often. What to do, what to do?

It definitely took me awhile to pick a meal, so we nibbled on the free chips and salsa that the server brought us with our drinks. I was virtually paralyzed trying to choose between the tofu lasagna, the bueno burger, and the Szechuan stir fry. I mean, really. Who can choose? Seriously, go look at the menu...

Much to our server (and my hubby's) delight, I did finally choose, but only after ogling every one else's food in the room. As you can tell, the bueno burger won out. Here's the description that won my eager little taste buds:
Voted best burger in Austin! Our own recipe of seeds, grains, fresh veggies, and tofu served on our vegan whole wheat bun with lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, pickle, and purple onion.
Mmmm! And they weren't kidding. It was absolutely delicious!

Dave enjoyed the Monterrey Jack Enchiladas...
Jack cheese and green onions with either ranchero, verde, or spicy nutty chipotle sauce (served with black beans and organic brown rice).
Uh huh. Anyone out there drooling yet?

Wait, there's more!

I did something I never do at restaurants - I ordered dessert. With 5 vegan options on the menu, I just couldn't help myself! Again, I was able to narrow the field down to either Mom's Apple Pie or Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. Oh, to have the four stomachs of a cow...

I simply couldn't come to a decision, so I took the wimpy way out and asked our waitress what she'd choose. She picked Mom's Apple Pie. Apple pie it is. Sorry it's a little messy in the photo. I had dived into it before I realized we hadn't yet taken a photo. Oh, the cinnimony-ness, the appleliciousness, the yummy (and totally healthy) whole wheat crust.... Drool, baby, drool!

Bellies full, we paid our bill, which I thought was wonderfully reasonable - $25 before the tip (that was 2 meals, a large apple juice for Dave, and our apple pie) and headed home with a few leftovers for later.

If you're ever in the Austin area, be sure to check it out. Perhaps I'll have the stir-fry or tofu lasagna and chocolate peanut butter pie next time. And there WILL be a next time...


Chile said...

Mmm, how nice of Dave to take you to a veg restaurant! The menu looked enticing but the one challenge I have in those places is the tofu. That's actually a problem with many restaurants - the vegetarian options just substitute tofu for the meat. I could have had the apple pie, though, yes indeedy!

Beany said...

That is a nice surprise.

Chile: I know what you mean about the tofu, I like it but sometime I like to avoid it. Horizons, a vegan restaurant in Philadelphia had some fantastic options that were tofu free. Nature's Express here in San Diego does have tofu free options as well - a place we will be taking you to when you stop by.

Heather @ SGF said...

Chile - They seemed pretty cool. I'll bet they could have made something special for you... Or you could just stick with apple pie. It was awesome :)

Beany - Seems like there are places everywhere. I guess I need to do some work on our town. I brought home one of Mother's to-go menus, you know, just in case some restaurant here needed some ideas... :)