Friday, August 7, 2009

Zen Heart - A book review

This summer, I've been really drawn towards books on mindfulness and I have a review of another amazing book, posted today on the Blogging Bookworm: Zen Heart: Living with Mindfulness and Compassion (Ezra Bayda). Here's an excerpt:
After completing the book once, I took my time the second time through allowing myself to meditate on each chapter. Bayda engages and challenges us to look deep within and find our practice not only in formal meditation, but in each and every moment of each and every day. Most notable, for me anyway, was the continual insistence that we must also reform our way of thinking about life events we would normally label "bad" - Asking ourselves, "Can I welcome this as my path?" to heated disagreements, health problems, failure, etc; turning them into instruments of learning and personal growth.
Be sure to wiggle on over to the Blogging Bookworm to check it out!

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