Saturday, August 29, 2009

An opportunity to make a difference

I just received my assignment. In fact it's an assignment for each and every one of us in Bryan/College Station. Here are the details. Looks like we all have some homework to do. For those of you non-locals, do you have any tips on how to write something like this?
If you are interested in increasing mass transit, pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle paths in the Bryan/College Station area - please contact the BMPO before Septemebr 8th!!!


For Immediate Release Contact: Linda LaSut
August 21, 2009 Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization
(979) 260-5298 /

School is Starting. Here’s Your First Assignment.

(Bryan, TX) The Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a group that conducts short and long range transportation planning for Brazos County. The MPO works with representatives from the City of Bryan, City of College Station, Brazos County, Texas A&M University, Texas Department of Transportation, The District, the public, and a host of other supporting agencies... in an effort to ensure that there is communication across all these groups.

Currently, the MPO is updating its long range transportation plan. The plan covers different modes of travel, such as highway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, high speed rail, and aviation. It also covers related transportation issues, such as the development of intelligent transportation systems, movement of freight, safety & security and land use.

The goal in updating the plan is to ensure that Brazos County has a safe, accessible, and mobile transportation system, from now, through the year 2035.

The population in Brazos County, from the 2000 census, was recorded at 152,415. Over the next 25 years, the County is expected to add another 62,298 residents. How to continue to move people and freight effectively is a concern across the region.

Your Assignment

In an effort to support the update of the long range plan and to solicit input from the public, the MPO is asking you to write a line, paragraph, or essay on the following topic: “Needed Transportation Improvements for Brazos County”. Feel free to write about a particular mode of travel, transportation issues in general (as they pertain to Brazos County) or discuss areas of concern for current or future travel. Spelling and grammar do count! Feel free to doodle on the edges. Have fun and let’s see what you can come up with.

Information may be submitted by mail or email.

Mailing Address: BCSMPO
3608 E. 29th Street, Suite 113
Bryan, TX 77802
Email Address:

The due date for this assignment is Tuesday September 8, 2009.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda LaSut, Director, BCSMPO, at (979)260¬5298.

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