Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new adventure - Welcome Allie

As I mentioned in the Temporary Downsizing post last week, we have a new addition to the SGF household! This weekend, Allie, our new housemate, has joined us, renting out the two bedrooms and adjoining bath that until now had been left empty since I moved in 4-1/2 years ago.

So how did this come about?

Well, after drooling over fellow bloggers Beany and Jennifer's food porn for the last year, I've been teasing them about moving on down to Texas and cooking for us in exchange for those two empty rooms. I even went so far as to offer installation of a kiddie pool to meet Beany's husband's desire to live near the ocean. Sadly, it wasn't enough. Geez, work with me people!

Anyway, I hosted a NWEI Voluntary Simplicity discussion course at my house this summer, and I guess I'd gotten so good at my sales pitch that after a meeting, one of the members asked me if I was serious.

We talked about it, gave her the 2 cent tour, made plans for her move-in date, and remodeled the back of the house. Ok. So we just did the floors, but it looks fabulous and we would probably never have gotten around to it without this wonderful incentive.

Living with us gives Allie the flexibility of not having a strict lease. She's planning on staying about a year, but will head out when she's finished her current work contract and found her next job. It also gives us a little rental income which is great in this economy, especially considering I'm no longer bringing in a paycheck. Best of all, however, we're doing the "green" thing in sharing our home and reducing our carbon impact. Now that's simple-green-frugal for you!

Be sure to give Allie a big SGF welcome. In the meantime, we're well on our way to our next adventure!


Chris said...


Cherry Moore said...

Sounds like this will be great for everyone. Having been in the class where this idea was conceived, it's a joy to now hear about the delivery! Happy Birthday...?

Theresa said...

You are walking the walk - good for you!

Farmer's Daughter said...

You're brave! I'm too private of a person to share my home with someone, unless they were related.

Beany said...

Welcome Allie!

Perhaps after I retire from the workforce and embark on some new adventures, I'll stop by in Bryan for a few months and rent a space from you. Besides hiking all over the U.S., we've been talking about living in co-housing/shared spaces in various towns and cities in the U.S and perhaps the rest of the Americas...depending on how long we live.

Heather @ SGF said...

Farmers' Daughter - Before we decided to do it, I thought long and hard about it - the plusses and minuses. In the past, it was always kind of a joke rather than me actually being serious about someone moving in.

I mean, I'm a super private person too. But in the end, for me anyway, it was about stepping out of my comfort zone to try something new. If I don't like how it works out, we don't do it again. I mean, it's only a year. But if it does, that opens up a whole world of opportunities for getting to know others in the future, share our home, and have many great adventures.

I guess I just decided, why not? It's only been a few days, but so far, I'm really enjoying having her here. It'll be a wonderful learning experience - not just learning about her, but I have a feeling, I'll learn some things about me too :)

Beany - Come on down! :) If the rooms are open, they're yours. I think your retirement sounds awesome.

Teddy Wilson said...

Welcome Allie!

Lisa said...

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Chile said...

Welcome, Allie! Hope you all continue to enjoy your shared home experience.

PS: Heather, does Allie cook? ;-)

Heather @ SGF said...

Chile - Not yet. So far she seems just like me - all cereal and sandwiches. But she did come with a blender, so I'm not complaining :)