Thursday, August 6, 2009

Market to Table - August 6, 2009

Although I'm really looking forward to this Saturday's farmers market, having missed the last two weeks while on vacation, my diet is still rich with color and flavor thanks to some serious canning earlier this year and a few goodies from my backyard garden.

The photo here is a wonderful combination of both. I started out cooking some stewed tomatoes (canned earlier this year) in a frying pan in nothing but its own juices, then adding some of the swiss chard and lambs-quarter from the backyard until cooked through. In the last few moments of cooking, I pulled out a jar of corn, a jar of pinto beans (both canned earlier this summer), and a jar of salsa from the farmers' market, adding a little of each to the frying pan. Last, but certainly not least, I tossed in about a cup of cooked brown rice (local from Houston area) and let it all warm through. SUPER easy, wonderful delicious (the salsa added some real zip!), and it combined the best of both worlds - fresh out of the garden and home-canned out of the pantry.

I've also been nibbling on that Texas watermelon we picked up Saturday night and the dates that I bought at the Aptos Farmers' Market - it was local when we bought it...

With so much food still in the backyard just waiting to be picked, I'll try to go light again at the farmers' market, concentrating on just what we need. But you know me, I get a little carried away on market days, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Check in with me on Monday to discover what farmers' market goodies we'll be cooking up next week. In the meantime, Happy (and mindful) eating!

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