Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Biased Transmission - Local producer on the radio

Local community radio station KEOS 89.1 has announced this week's Biased Transmissions guest: CSA farmer, Brad Stufflebeam...
This week on Biased Transmission our guest will be Brad Stufflebeam. He will be discussing the "Food Safety Enhancement Act" (HR 2749) and how it concerns small farmers. This bill proposes greater FDA regulatory powers over the national food supply and food providers, namely granting it the authority to regulate how crops are grown. This bill passed the House a few weeks ago, and will come before the Senate when they return from the August recess.

Brad is the owner of HomeSweetFarm outside of Brenham, an organic community supported farm. He has been working to educate the public about this bill and how it may affect small farmers ability to provide fresh local produce and foods to their communities.

Be sure to tune in to KEOS 89.1 this Wednesday, August 12, 6-7 PM for "Biased Transmission".

This should be an interesting and informative show about an under-reported bill that slipping through the channels, and could have a profound effect on us all.
Check it out!


Teddy Wilson said...

If you become a fan on Facebook you will be able to submit questions for our guest during the show.

Heather @ SGF said...

Cool! Thanks, Teddy!