Sunday, July 26, 2009

California 2009 - Day 5

I got up early and roasted some of the eggplant from yesterday's farmers' market to eat in sandwiches this week (YUM), then headed out for a nice, 1 hour walk through the streets of Aptos. It really is gorgeous here and there are so many pretty places to walk.

Dave's childhood home has a gorgeous back patio including an extensive flower garden and pool area. I spent the better part of the early afternoon soaking up the sunshine on the patio while reading my latest book.

Dave's sister and brother and their families joined us today for a pool party. Well, I never did hit the pool, but I enjoyed the hot tub for awhile. Something I wouldn't even begin to consider back home, but the high here was in the low 70's, so hot tub it is!

Of course there was also TONS of great food - baked ham, potato salad, broccoli, veggie salad, corn on the cob, french bread, strawberry pie, blackberry pie, chocolate cake, and fruit torte. Mmm, mmm!

We had a few silly gifts from a party we attended in San Jose (one of which was a tin of bacon flavored gum). Um, no thanks. So we gave one to each of Dave's nephews. The tins were promptly opened and passed around the room. Just about everyone spit them out within the first few chews, but the looks on their faces were just priceless. Nasty! Glad I skipped that one.

Well, I'm exhausted and am going to relax and enjoy my latest mystery. Tomorrow we have plans to see Harry Potter. Woohoo! Vacation rocks!


Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

The weather there sounds perfect. Your morning enjoying the weather, garden, and a book sounds like how I'd like to spend every day of my life!

That is too funny about the bacon flavored gum. I recall watching some cooking show awhile back where someone attempted bacon ice cream and I thought that was just beyond nasty. I guess some people really, really like bacon?

Beany said...

Bacon flavored gum does sound nasty!

Glad you're 'retirement' is yielding so much fun. I'm enjoying reading about it.

Heather @ SGF said...

Jennifer - It's so incredibly relaxing! I took another walk this morning and will probably head out before long to read in the backyard. It's just too pretty back there with all the flowers...

Yeah, only my niece (8) liked the gum. Everyone else, despite being avid meat eaters were completely grossed out :)

Beany - Doesn't it? I SO played the vegan-card as they were passed around the room. Blah!