Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brazos Locavores - Visit to Bluebird Orchards

Nestled just north of Bryan in Franklin, TX, Bluebird Orchard was the destination of the Brazos Locavores this past Sunday morning. We've had some amazing farm tours in our 8 month history and this was another much anticipated field trip.

Alicia Redden and her father have nursed Bluebird peach orchard from its infancy and it was truly a sight to see. So many beautiful peaches to harvest and with a range of variety that stretches peach season from May to August. We were just in time to pick the freestones and were given free range of the lush, heavy limbs in an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of peach heaven. We enjoyed as many as we could eat for free and then paid to take a few home as well. I myself managed to enjoy four of them on site, and brought home a few for Dave who didn't get to enjoy the day's event.

But Alicia is not just queen of the orchard. She's also owner of Sunfortune SoapWorks. So in addition to the tour of the orchard, we received a demonstration in soap making as well as a tour of the studio. She makes it look so easy and yet I know she has a lot of research and experience invested in her beautiful soaps and gels. In fact, she even does her own packaging and labeling, relying on her background in design.

The day couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun shined brightly, we learned all about the joys and challenges of growing peaches, received a wonderful tour, and enjoyed the juicy sweetness of what are sure to be the best peaches in the Brazos Valley!

For anyone interested in getting ahold of some of those peaches, Alicia will be at all three Brazos Valley Farmers' Market locations this week, where she also sells her soaps and bath gels. You can also order Sunfortune products on-line.

A big thanks to Alicia for making the day a wonderful success. Go local!


andrea said...

a lovely day for a peach, wouldn't you say? thanks for organizing this heather!

Heather @ SGF said...

andrea - Absolutely. Or two or three (ok, actually, I had four)...