Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Each Person's Personal Choices Matter - No Impact Man

Another thought provoking post from No Impact Man. If you're not familiar with his journey, definitely check out his blog archives. He was one of the inspirations that started me on my local food journey.

Today's post, "Why Each Person's Personal Choices Matter," is about the power of individuals to change the world. I believe very strongly in this power. And since I couldn't say it better than No Impact Man himself, I'll send you his way.  



Karla said...

Thanks for sharing that... It's an important message to pass along to everyone around us. Or, based on No Impact Man's example, it may be just as important to allow others to witness our earth-friendly actions.

Heather @ SGF said...

You're right. I think we each make a greater impact than we know. I have people come up and talk to me every once in awhile, asking me about my lifestyle or saying that they're going to try walking more or biking more because I inspired them. How many people, then, do we inspire that we never know about.

No Impact Man was just one guy who wanted to try a different way of life. How many has he inspired. We each have the power, the potential to save the world. We just do it one person at a time.