Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Stats - April 19, 2009

It's Sunday and that means another edition of Sunday Stats here at SGF. It's the weekend and I'm feeling lazy so let's get right to it!

Here are my numbers for the week indicating how much of my diet (measured in percentage of calories) is from local sources:

Local food consumption at home only: 96%

Local food consumption overall (includes restaurant meals): 85%

Sweet! And speaking of sweet, today is the Brazos Locavores field trip to Kings Orchard where I'm going to stock up (again) on some wonderful local strawberries. 

With three weeks under my belt, I feel like I have a pretty good idea now of "just how local" my diet is. Rather than post weekly, I'll switch to updating occasionally, tracking my progress in random weeks throughout the year. So, until next time...
For more information on the results of past weeks, checkout other posts in the Sunday Stat series
Happy (and mindful) eating!


Anonymous said...

glad to see you didn't wash away this weekend! we're still working our way through the strawberries we bought at King's and enjoying every bite

Heather @ SGF said...

blondeoverboard - All that rain was so good for the garden, but because I have raised bed, they were dry already today and I had to water (though I had some rainwater I collected in buckets so at least it was the good stuff).

We ended up with another 11 lbs of berries today. I just stuck a bunch in the freezer, some in the fridge for later this week and I have four trays worth on the dehydrator. What's wonderful is this is only the beginning of berry season. In another month, we'll be swimming in blackberries and dewberries. Gotta love Spring!