Monday, April 6, 2009

Local diet update - April 6, 2009

I promise, I'm trying to eat up all those veggies in the fridge so that I can splurge on the gorgeous harvest that is gathered for our Saturday morning farmers' market, but you should see my fridge! I still have a whole drawer full of broccoli, onions, and cabbage from my backyard garden; local grapefruit and strawberries between the fridge and freezer; and local mushrooms, some eggs, and potatoes from past weeks. Like last week, I just didn't need much at the market. 

Thankfully, I didn't get there until about 10:00, so I didn't have the entire morning's temptation (I walked a 5K with a friend of mine to celebrate her birthday - Happy Birthday, Sharli). Not having the booth though was a nice rest from the usual routine, and gave me the chance to walk around and talk to everyone, like I used to do, checking out all that fresh produce. So let's see, this week's harvest brought:

Peppers, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, yellow onions, green onions, cabbage, red potatoes, white potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, beet greens, collard greens, celery, mustard greens, herbs, radishes, turnips, chives, dried apples, pickles, locally roasted coffees, locally roasted peanuts, homemade egg noodles, a variety of baked goods: tortillas, yeast breads, sweet breads, cookies, candies, pies, a variety of salsas, jams and jellies, decorative and vegetable plants, doggie treats (new this week), and a wonderful variety of beautiful crafts.

I managed to escape Saturday morning with carrots, mint for my herbal tea, a dozen eggs, and a a containers of whole wheat flour - but let me tell you, it was hard to resist all those other garden goodies. 

Back at home, I'm determined to get through the last of those older veggies this week. Who knows, maybe I'll even run out early and have to dig out some of my homemade soups and stewed tomatoes lining the pantry. I've been wanting a little of that soup, but with so many fresh veggies in the fridge, I couldn't bear to raid the pantry. I know, poor me with more fresh veggies than I can possibly eat. Maybe it's time to can another batch of soup...

Hope the farmers' markets are starting to open in your neck of the woods. What fresh, local foods are you serving up this week?


ttammylynn said...

Yes, I managed to escape with a few jars of salsa, 2 dozen eggs, some dried apples w/cinn and honey(new this week), several tomatoes, some green peppers,onions, spinach, a bag of coffee, a loaf of banana nut bread, and a few gingerbread cookies.
I am making lasagna today so I'll use up the spinach, onions, some potatoes(instead of noodles), some local ground beef, and a few other things... but it'll taste wonderful.

sharli said...

Thank you Heather! It was fun!

ttammylynn said...

Even the people who don't like veggies loved the lasagna...we jokingly refer to spinach as seasoning or herbs...good enough, as long as everyone tries it. My son helped me cook so the cooking went better than expected and much of the meal was local, so good, and better.

Heather @ SGF said...

Tammy - That lasagna sounds REALLY good! Especially with the potatoes instead of noodles. I bet it was a real hit!

Sharli - You're welcome. I had a blast too!

Tammy - Wonderful! It's funny how mom's have to hide or do major PR jobs on food to get kids to eat them. Then we grow older and can't get enough of them as adults :)