Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The simple things - My watering can

As many of you know, I like to keep life simple. It's rare that I buy anything other than food because I hate the accumulated clutter than routine purchases can create. As a result, I try to create my own do-hickies or at the least, I try to be creative with the things I already have. 

A great example is that 6 months ago, when I first built my winter garden, I realized I needed a way to sprinkle the garden. And for 5 of those months, I used a quart yogurt container. That's right. I took one of those large, used yogurt containers from eons ago before I was making my own yogurt, poked a bunch of holes in the lid with a pair of scissors, and sprinkled away.

For the most part, it worked well. I'd take our shower bucket (we save the shower water from our showers) outside, scoop some water up with the yogurt container, put the lid on, and sprinkle my veggies with water. Fabulous and free!!!!

Then a few weeks ago, while we were shopping for more garden supplies at the hardware store, Dave brought my attention to the watering cans. Honestly, I didn't really think I needed one, but he said he wanted to get me a watering can as a late Valentines Day gift (I'm a practical kind of girl). I went with it and we bought the watering can. Well, whatever, right?

Oh for the love of all that is good in the world! That watering can is the best thing we've bought in ages. It sprinkles the garden so uniformly, smoothly, and quickly (and it holds an entire bucket of shower water at once)! It's beautiful! I love my can... I love my can... I love my can!

Silly, perhaps. But isn't it refreshing that in a world with so much STUFF, we can find the most joy and contentment in the simplest of them all.


Anonymous said...

That is a nice looking can! Where'd you find it? I've been using an old 2-gallon kitty litter plastic "jug" with holes punched in the lid. Works, but not aesthetically pleasing!

Michelle @ Leaving Excess said...

Proof that when you simplify, you find pleasures in the simplest things!

Jena said...

I'm glad you found something you like so much. How useful too!

This reminds me of the feeling I had when we received a fruit basket as a Christmas present. Normally I would have blown that off but considering we don't buy bananas, organges, or grapes anymore I was elated to get it! I savored every bite.

megan said...

My thrifted watering can broke yesterday. The shower head just fell off. I'm going to try to fix it, but if I can't, it looks like I'll be trying out your yogurt system! New ones at the hardware store here are $17 and not nearly as nice as yours (or even my broken one).

Heather @ SGF said...

Anonymous - We got it at Home Depot. It was $25, which I thought was a lot for a watering can, but I love that it's old fashioned looking at not plastic.

Michelle - Absolutely!

Jena - I love receiving fruit too. I've always been pretty practical, but now that I eat locally, (just like you) those random bananas, mangos, etc that come my way are REALLY enjoyed!

Megan - the can was a lot, but it was worth it, I mean it should last a really long time and as I mentioned before, I love that it's not made with plastic. The yogurt container worked well too though if you'd like to give it a shot. Served me for many months!

ttammylynn said...

It has always been the simple things that I enjoy the most, ironically enough. I grew up with very little so the excess that keeps filtering into my life via my DH, mainly, is well, annoying at times.
I opted for no Valentine's Day gift this year to save money. The economy makes me feel a bit more cautious than ever. We've lost some money through our retirement funds(but then, most people have).
Oh, btw, I hope to see you tomorrow at Village Foods for Farmer's Market. I looked quickly at some of the prices today(VF)and they compared better than BNF on some of the things I buy...so perhaps I will shop sometimes.
Also, my sis said she put the blanket on the crib and it fits really nicely, she loves that baby blanket(she even said you must've used a baby bed as a size guideline for your blankets), Heather, thank you once again.

Beany said...

I can so relate to this post. I don't grow anything now, but I refused to buy a hose for our old place and insisted on using old yogurt containers.

I love the old fashioned look of your can as well.

Heather @ SGF said...

Tammy - Yeah, we're not big on gifts either. We don't do christmas, birthdays, anything. But I made him a special dinner and dessert and he wanted to splurge on a me a little. It was sweet :)

Glad the blanket is a hit. Hope to see you Saturday (or tomorrow at the Village Foods Grand Opening).

Beany - it is a cool looking can, isn't it? We were just looking at them on line and WOW are they expensive! And I got a pretty good looking one compared to some of them. I'm pleased :)

Kasey Lane McCollum said...

I have wanted to save my shower water. How exactly do you do that?

Heather @ SGF said...

Kasey - Basically what we do is we keep a bucket in the bathroom. Then before we take a shower, we hang it from the shower head and turn the water on to heat up. By the time the water is warm enough for us to get in, we've filled about 2/3 of the bucket. We just take the bucket out, shower, and then use it in the garden.

I've also let it sit in the back of the shower while I clean up, but hanging it from the shower head nets us MUCH more water. And if you do it every time someone showers, it really adds up fast!

sabakose said...

ha - that's my kind of Valentine gift too - love practical things! :-) Yay for a new watering can that you LOVE!!
Sandra :-D

Heather @ SGF said...

Sandra - Yeah, Dave knows better than to do flowers or jewelry. I'd be all over him about wasting money :) Nope, a watering can was the perfect gift!