Thursday, March 26, 2009

Market to Table - March 26, 2009

I was well into this week before I realized that I hadn't been taking pictures of any of my meals. Oops! Thankfully, I recognized this in enough time to get a couple pictures taken. It has definitely been a tasty week so far...

Stir-Fry - With so many different veggies in the fridge, my lunch stir fries has been out of this world - full of color and flavor! As always, they start out with a hungry belly and an open mind - I just start yanking goodies out of the drawer: a little spinach, some mushrooms, a carrot, cabbage, broccoli, maybe some of that basil in the garden, oh, and that onion there looks good...

Next think I know, everything has been washed, chopped, and dumped in a frying pan ready for me to work my magic: a drizzle of olive oil, some medium heat, and a dash of salt. Uh, huh. Looking good! Next, let's add some of that cooked rice in the fridge. Yep. That does the trick... And within 15 minutes, we're ready to eat!

A friend said to me recently that she looked at my photos and "recipes" (if you can call them that) week after week and thought "it just can't be that easy." I'm telling you... it's that easy. If it wasn't, would my lazy butt be eating it day after day? Yeah, that would be a no. So no more drooling. Ok, fine. You can drool. But you can make these stir-fries yourself. Easy, cheesy (ok, no cheese for me, but you get the picture). 

Just start grabbing stuff out of the fridge (anything that sounds good), chop, dump, and saute those veggies until they are nice and soft. Then dig in, post the photos on your blog, and make the rest of the world drool. 

Strawberries and Whole Wheat Crackers - Right. That doesn't even sound appetizing, does it? I'm not exactly a big breakfast eater, but I have to eat or I start doing strange things like getting dizzy, collapsing in parking lots (or wherever I happen to be at the moment)... blood sugar is a funny thing and it's not pretty. So lest I receive a wag of the finger from any one of my many loved ones, I buckle down and make myself eat something. 

For the last few week's that's meant some of the most amazingly sweet berries from a pick-your-own just south of town. I had the foresight enough (and the room on my credit card) to buy enough berries to last until my next trip to the berry farm, so I've been nibbling on these juicy tidbits for weeks. Yum!

Then last week, out of nowhere, I decided I was going to start making my own crackers. What makes me think of these things, I have no idea. But I was set on making my own. Talk about easy (a post on this soon, I promise). 

So every morning, I've eat a cup of beautiful, red berries, and a few crackers - just a little something to get me through until lunch. It may not look like much. Hey, it may even sound a little weird. But it's seriously good eating!


Other stir-fries this week featured chard, green onions from my garden, and lettuce in addition to the other veggies I included in my stir fry above. Never be afraid to throw something in and give it a try. No, it doesn't always work out (it turns out you don't want to eat bay leaves, they are just for flavoring - you can trust me on that one), but more times than not, you'll be rewarded with great food, a photo to drool over, and a very happy tummy.

Have a great day, everyone. And as always, Happy (and mindful) eating!


Anonymous said...

tuesday we made a trip to king's orchard in plantersville and brought home 20 pounds of the most delicious strawberries. there are berries in the freezer, berries in the dehydrator and a smattering of berries left in the fridge. my whole house smells like strawberries. i'm sure we'll be going back for more before the season ends.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you have left me with a huge craving for strawberries, all day. But they don't grow here yet... and the food miles just don't let them taste as good, otherwise.

Your so lucky to have such a great climate!!

- Sera

hmd said...

blondeoverboard - There's nothing like fresh berries! What did you do to dehydrate them? Did you do it whole or slice them first? How long did it take? Did you use a solution on the first or anything?

Sera - Lucky is an understatement. It's amazing what we can grow here and it's year round. One of the market vendors and I did a radio interview this morning and we were talking about the fact that most people have no idea we can grow year round. It's an amazing place to live!

Hope your berries come soon...

ttammylynn said...

I've had a few strawberries from the plants I have been planting since winter(a few at a time). I was hoing my garden today until I received some mighty bad blisters which quickly turned into bare raw skin...ouch. I'll give it a day and finish up(it was pretty muddy anyway). I keep thinking and re-thinking what I want this year. I've been reading and planning. I wonder how it will go and if I will be able to provide some things to feed a current mish-mash family of about eight people.
I picked up at Vicki's today--a head of cabbage, bok choy, onions, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, greens, beets, radishes, fennel, parsley, dill, and borage. So, in stride, I went home and pulled some sirloin from the freezer. I'm going to stir-fry steak, bok choy, broccoli, some of the peppers from Market, and a few other things tomorrow night over rice or noodles. Of course, there is salad in our future, problem. I have tomatoes from Tanya, radishes, lettuce and spinach from Vicki, and multi-colored carrots in my garden. That's the way to make a salad, lol.
We definitely have different styles and preferences, Heather, but I try like heck to buy local because it's just better. See you Saturday.

Going Crunchy said...

Ah, I get the same thing. I have a metabolic syndrome and have to watch the sugars and regular meals.

Theresa said...

Ooo! Can't wait for the cracker recipe! Your meals surely do look tasty :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely berries and appetizing crackers!
If you have low blood sugar problems, maybe you want to add some protein to each of your meals. And perhaps google Kathleen DesMaisons for her RadiantRecovery website. She'll explain the whys. Helped me a lot to start the day with protein and make sure to have some in each meal.

- Bee

J said...

I my goodness, your stir fries look amazing as always. And those strawberries. We are having a slight resurgence of winter right now (they are calling for snow tomorrow), but at least we have some of the seasons first local, greenhouse tomatoes! Yeah tomatoes! They aren't quite your gorgeous strawberries, but I have missed them so.

hmd said...

Tammy - I think that's something I'd like to try next winter - strawberries. Where did you get your plants? Farm Patch? Are they producing as you expected?

Going Crunchy - it's a pain, I know. I just don't feel much like eating in the AM, but passing out is a little worse. Draws too much attention :)

Theresa - I'm going to up the cracker recipe Tues (I think). It's so ridiculously easy I'm kicking myself for never making them before.

Anonymous - Thanks for the suggestion.

Jennifer - Yeah for tomatoes! We're hitting a bit of a cold front tonight too. I'll have to cover the plants. I'm going to let it rain first though and sneak out there in a bit to do the covering.

Anonymous said...


i don't do anything special to the berries before i dry them. i slice them about 1/4" thick and just lay them out on the racks. my mom gave me one of those ronco dehydrators for christmas. i left them in for 3 days this time... 2 would have been better as they were a little tough to get off the racks but they taste delicious. i store them in canning jars in the pantry and we use them in oatmeal and cold cereal. my boys also take them as-is on campouts and hikes. i was out your way on friday to drop the kids at their grandparents (we met up at frazier's) hope you weathered the weather ok :)

hmd said...

blondeoverboard - Thanks for the tips! I'll be at Kings Orchard again on April 19 (with the locavores). I'll plan on dehydrating some of those berries. Yum!

Anonymous said...

have a great trip. make sure you pick up some of the honey. it's yummmmy!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Stir frys of fresh vegetables, laden with garlic, herbs, and if so inclined (eg, not vegan!) butter!

Such a nutritious and delicious meal. Love your blog!


hmd said...

blondeoverboard - Thanks! I've never had their honey. What makes it different?

reneeyates - Thanks! Nope, no butter here. But I use the best olive oil around (and lots of it).