Sunday, December 7, 2008

Making lemonade from lemons

I received an award this weekend from Jena of Married to the Farm. The award is meant for people who are "positive, show gratitude, and, of course, make lemons out of lemonade." Thanks, Jena!

The rules are to post on the award (check), recognize the giver (check), and pass it along to others. Hmm. Let's see. Making lemonade out of lemons? I know just who! Beany... you're it girl!

Beany, author of The Middle Way, just completed a bike trip that took her the better part of the distance across the US. AND she did it with grace, humility, and a few sore muscles. She is a wonderful inspiration to me. Her adventures, not just on the bike, but as she searches for that "middle way" keeps me on my toes, always looking deeper to find the peace and happiness that is found in mindful living. 

And if anyone else is interested, feel free to pass on the love... 


Beany said...

O wow. Thanks Heather. Too bad I can't just give it back to you. However there are other people in the blogosphere who inspire me. I will happily pass this along.

Heather @ SGF said...

Beany - glad to see you passed it along to Chile. She's is another one of those people who keep me going. Hope you have a great week!