Monday, December 8, 2008

Local events in the BCS - December 8, 2008

The holidays are a great time to be involved in the community. Although the need is there year-round, many community programs have special fundraisers or events during the holiday season. There are a two things coming up in the next week that I wanted to bring to the locals' attention:
  1. Food Drive - The Food for Families Drive is this Wednesday at the Brazos Center. It opens at 5:30 AM and runs until 10:35 PM. I'll be loading up my bike with food and heading out there to make a donation. Please, if you're in the area, make it a point to stop by. They'll be accepting both food and monetary donations, all of which go to the local food pantry. Visit the Food for Families page here to find out more information on the drive and what food products to donate.
  2. Home Sweet Farm Fieldtrip - Interested in learning more about sustainable farming, what it mean to eat local, or just want to make some new friends? Home Sweet Farm (the CSA in Brenham) will be hosting a group from the BCS area this coming Sunday, December 14. Interested individuals will meet at Brazos Natural Foods with plans to leave at 11:00 AM and return at 5:oo PM. Anyone interested in visiting the farm (and maybe sampling some farm products - Mmmmm!), be sure to sign up here
Who needs to wait for that New Year's resolution to be more involved. Get a jump start on January and get involved in the BCS today!


Sadge said...

I was checking out your blog via the SGF Co-op blog where I'm a contributor, when the word Brazos caught my eye. I'll be back, not only for your writing but because my dad's side of the family are all out there in Kurten (those that aren't right there in Bryan).

Heather @ SGF said...

Sadge - Glad to have you visit! My Dad lives out that way near Edge (although his address is still Bryan). If you ever are this way for a visit, send me an email. I'd love to meet up!