Friday, September 5, 2008

Google analytics - For a little fun

Back in June, I signed the SGF website up at Google Analytics so that I could track how many visitors I was getting, where they were from, etc. - more for fun than anything else. Every once in awhile I visit the tracking website to see where things stand. My favorite report is "Keywords." Basically, it's a list of the words that people entered into a search engine that brought them to my site. Now, some of them are no-brainers, like "seasonal produce texas" or "bagels breakfast." But then there are others that are a real hoot. Well, see for yourself. Here are some of the things entered into a search engine that brought people to my site:
  • "free porn wipping canning"
  • "kitty canning"
  • "preserving or stuffing my golden retriever" 
Makes you wonder about the people doing the searches,  huh?

Have a great weekend everyone!


ttammylynn said...

Scare tactics scary...but I guess Halloween is the next "holiday". I used to bring out all the decorations- spiders, ghosts, witch and cauldron, and my favorite Frankenstein singing,"one way or another, I'm gonna find you. I'm gonna getcha, getcha." Darn, but the kids are too old now to care so the magic is gone. I still do a bit for Christmas, if only for me. As simple as it sounds, I keep forgeting that the seasons are changing again.
I don't have time, so I'm going to have my brother till up my very neglected garden so I can get the peas and snow peas, lettuce, broccoli, and spinach in. That little bit would be enough.
Oh, I made the mozz and riccotta yesterday. I will drop it at Champion w/ Yadi @ 5. I told Yadi yesterday,she seemed jealous, so I'll offer her some of the batch. She was shopping at HEB with about four children in tow. She looked sad to be shopping. She loves the ease of ordering co-op. I know we will get back to it. Kroger Booneville said they would give discount if we wanted to order through them (maybe even produce, too)but I don't have time to organize it and neither does Yadi, so someone else would need to do it.
Even if Yadi did have to use a trailer to haul stuff(as might be the case with United Natural Foods). I have a 30 foot trailer(the kind that you could haul a car in), I just wouldn't want to haul it because I don't like driving truck and trailer.
Anyhow...the quest for natural food goes on.

Burbanmom said...

Ha! Yes, my favorite search term used on my site is "my teeth are going green".

Now that dude's got issues!

greeen sheeep said...

That's really funny and really scary at the same time.

All I've got is:
what does the color green purge look like?

Hmmm...maybe like burbanmom's visitor's teeth?

ib mommy said...

ha ha! those are funny.... i have to live vicariously through you all since i don't have my blog set to be picked up by search engines.

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

What is up with the people wanting to can their animals?! Interesting...

I guess it takes all kinds??

I've gotten some pretty odd things that lead to our blog as well. It has been quite some time since I've checked Analytics, I should have some fun this afternoon with it!

timeus said...

timeus must admit, the "free porn wipping canning" search criteria was his. :(

Heather @ SGF said...

ttammylynn - hopefully we can get the co-op going. Sounds likes an interesting opportunity. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

burbanmom - No doubt! I wonder what the strangest thing I've ever searched for is. Makes you wonder...

greeen sheeep - yeah, sounds like you have a similar weirdo :)

ib mommy - you don't have to set anything up on search engines. You just have to sign up for google analytics. It's free!

jennifer- have a hoot with your data! Let us know if you find anything funny!

timeus - uh, huh. I knew it! :)

Abbie said...

I always get:
"really hot farmers daughter"
"farmers daughters take it off"
"blonde farmers daughter"

I can't help but think they're disappointed when they get to my blog!

Robin said...

I get, almost on a daily basis, a search for "what makes u taller". All these people looking for ways to be taller! When really what they need is to learn to spell "you".

Heather @ SGF said...

abbie - what a hoot!

robin - that's an interesting entry. Is there anything on your site you think makes that come up?

Robin said...

Oh, I have a photo of an enormous mushroom along with the Alice in wonderland quote, One side will make you taller. The search result makes sense, it just drives me insane that people can't be bothered to write the word "you".

eco 'burban mom said...

Ummmm, kitty canning? Sounds worse than golder retriever stuffing! Thanks for the giggle!

Heather @ SGF said...

robin - at least there's a reason to it, but what a strange search :)

eco 'burban mom - kitty canning - because you forgot to pick up tuna? Although I guess I have to admit, I threaten that our cats will end up in kitty-noodle-casseroles if they don't behave. Maybe this visitor had the same idea :)