Friday, August 29, 2008

No graze days of summer - Mooving on

A great big "Moo" to all you Grazers that spent the summer with me. In May, what started out as a personal effort to become more grateful, became a personal journey to eat more mindfully. I committed myself to daily meditation; to transforming HOW I eat (vs. what I eat) by sharing the time with others and bringing thankfulness and awareness to each meal. But when the summer progressed and mindfulness started to become a thing of my past, I made the choice to reclaim it. And many of you joined me. 

Together, we explored accountability, distraction, the psychology of eating, dealing with stress, the difference between mindfulness in eating vs. dieting, and the power of music to soothe. We've had good weeks and bad weeks. We've encouraged each other in our weaknesses and applauded our strengths. And, let me be honest here, my life is the better for it. Let me explain.

As much as I was looking forward to retirement, I had one fear: being home most of the day alone, in my effort to rest and heal, I would be providing the perfect environment to graze - to mindlessly eat for emotional consolation (rather than eating for hunger). But two weeks into my "retirement" and it turns out my worry was unfounded. No grazing here! I can hardly believe the difference! I seem to have found the calmness about eating for which I have been searching (and not just searching for the summer, but rather for most of my life). 

But that doesn't mean I can slack off now. No. The No Graze Days of Summer may be officially over on August 31, but mindfulness is a journey. It's not a souvenir magnet you put on your fridge (Yep, I did that Summer 2008). No. Mindfulness is every minute of every day. It's a way of life. And now, thanks to your help and encouragement, it's the way of my life. 

So how about each of you? As the Challenge ends and we moooove ahead, what have you learned about yourselves?


Bobbi said...

I have enjoyed reading your challenge posts. You have been a true inspiration!

greeen sheeep said...

I was reading your post while aimlessly stuffing licorice into my face. At 9:00 in the morning! I haven't even had breakfast yet. Do you know what I was thinking of having for breakfast? A cookie! *crap*

This was just the wake up call I needed. Thanks.

Theresa said...

Mindfulness is a lifelong journey - thanks for that! I only did the challenge for one month, but I'm definitely more mindful about eating than I was before. :)

Heather @ SGF said...

bobbi - glad they've helped!

greeen sheeep - I catch myself doing the silliest things too :)

theresa - wonderful! Keep up the good work! I'll be with you on the mindfulness journey, whether we document it or not.

Rapunzel said...

Thank you so much for the challenge. Though I failed did make me think about my eating habits and become aware of the things I need to change. It might take me a while to implement positive changes but I can do it. :-)

Heather @ SGF said...

rapunzel - if you began thinking (becoming more mindful) about what you are eating, you are far from failing. Awareness is the most important piece of the puzzle! Good job and good luck as you continue the mindfulness journey!