Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No graze days of summer - The magic of music

Although for the life of me I can't find the comment, a few weeks ago, someone mentioned listening to music as a means to achieve mindfulness in the kitchen. What a great idea, I thought, then proceeded to forget it until a couple weeks ago (sucks getting older). I was just about to make a batch of flourless peanut butter cookie dough to store in the freezer. I was feeling antsy, couldn't quite sit still, and making something sounded better than cleaning something. But when I'm full of aimless energy like that, I'm in a prime position to enter a full graze. I wanted to make the dough, but didn't particularly want to make an all-afternoon feast of the stuff. 

That's when the idea for music make a reappearance. I grabbed my laptop from the living room and opened it on the counter where I'd be doing the mixing. One of my playlists in iTunes was nothing but nice soothing classical music. Just what I needed, so I immediately let the orchestra set the mood and I graze-lessly made a batch of peanut butter cookie dough. That was too easy!

I tried it another day while putting together a casserole. It worked again. So I expanded this musical experiment to other areas of the house - a little background music while I'm reading, cleaning, or writing; some Bach in the kitchen or a little Mozart in the living room. Truth be told, I find this just as helpful as meditation!

Check-In Time

Now, I know it's been awhile since our last check-in (August 1 as I'm now looking back. Eek!). Sorry to leave everyone hanging.  My last check-in had me doing wonderfully. I'll admit, that during the last 3 weeks I had started to slip a bit and have done some minor grazing. But since I started meditating AND filling the house with music? No problemo! Pshew! You really have to stay on top of this mindfulness stuff, huh? But that's really the point, isn't it?

So how have you all been doing? Successes? Struggles? Have you used music to calm your way through the day and avoid grazing? Other things you've found that work for you?

Now, how about a little music, Maestro? 


timeus said...

timeus eats every three hours, so he gets 5 or 6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 big meals. He never gets really hungry eating more often, so it's easier not to "graze" when your next meal isn't that far away.

Also, don't have stuff to graze on available wherever you are. You can't graze if it isn't there, right?

I don't know the exact rules you have for "no grazing," but timeus believes it's never "grazing" in the harmful sense if you're eating vegetables, the perfect, low calorie, hunger buster. (You may have different rules because your intestines or wiggity-whack, so that may not apply to you.)


Bobbi said...

I've always go music on at home whenever I'm reading or writing. For some reason, my muse likes music!

Tammi said...

I love listening to music while cooking or cleaning. I never really thought that it may help with grazing. I guess with me, it's hard to sing off key as loud as possible with food in my mouth and honestly, I'd rather sing. I'm going to be more aware of how music effects me. :)

I have been doing fairly well. Grazing here and there but trying to be good. Between no grazing and switching to vegetarianism, I've lost 5 lbs! Go me!

Beany said...

I love listening to music when I am cooking. It calms me down and empties my mind. My husband likes to listen to punk when we're cooking together and it only agitates me (fight the man, etc.).

I've been a horrible grazer. Or rather, a very good grazer, grazin' away. Today I've been very good, so I've been patting myself.

Heather @ SGF said...

timeus - what you're talking about we've defined as "snacking" or eating between meals when you are hungry. Having snacks is fine. Grazing is a more "mindless" way of eating. It's not eating because you are hungry, but rather because you are bored, stressed, nervous, etc (in other words, emotional eating).

Good point about keeping things out of reach, though. If it's not there, you can't graze!

bobbi - what kind of music do you like?

tammi - great job! That's wonderful!

beany - Hmm. I don't think punk would do anything calming for me, but to each his own, right? Anything in particular that prompts your grazing? For me, if I'm really thinking about it, I'm fine, but then after a couple weeks, I find myself grazing again and have to put myself back in check. It's a constant cycle.

Beany said...

I'm guess my grazing is prompted by my special time of the month. And grazing goes on for 2 weeks before d-day. I have these crazy urges to eat things I normally don't care for. Stress is another prompter.

Marie Louise said...

Just discovered your blog - lots of cool stuff. I always play music when I am cooking. Been listening to a lot of Eric Clapton lately - old and new stuff. You've got some great recipes here!

Heather @ SGF said...

beany - ah, yeah. I can totally see that. Hang in there.

marie louise - welcome to the blog! Glad you are enjoying it so far. Music seems to be a common theme with people. It's a shame there isn't as much live music as there used to be. Or maybe I'm just not in the right places at the right times.