Sunday, July 27, 2008

Local diet update - July 27, 2008

Not having been at the Saturday farmers market in two weeks, I was having serious withdrawals (so was the fridge). Aside from a few eggs and our regular supply of milk and cheese from the dairy, we were running short of EVERYTHING - fruits AND veggies. Unless I was willing to dip into our frozen fruit supply and eat nothing but toast for the next two weeks, I needed to haul my booty out of bed and hit the market. 

Early Saturday morning, I fitted my bike with a little extra carrying capacity (cardboard box bungee corded to the back) and pedaled on down the road. This time of the morning (7:30) seems to be the best time to head to the market. It means I avoid traffic, all the vendors are still fully stocked, and the most motivating factor of all - the day has yet to enter the-9th-circle-of-hell (we've been hanging out here at about 100 degrees in the afternoons). 

I know I arrived early, but I was surprised to see so few people. As I visited with Lois and her husband, I found out that when the tomatoes disappear for the season so do the people. What a shame that is. There's still such a wonderful selection available. And after eating local food, how can you go back and buy those grocery store veggies? I just can't bring myself to do it. Oh well. More for me - all fall and winter long. 

Since I'll be missing next weekend's market too, I really stocked up this week, as you can see. I picked up 1-1/2 dozen eggs, 2 bags of fresh spinach, some tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green peppers, green beans, and two bags of sage (for my tea of course). Oh, the plans I have for this stuff. Let's just say that on top of my baking escapades last week, I spent yesterday cooking. The fridge is happy with me again. 

Over the course of the week, I baked a loaf of wheat bread and a batch of my homemade yogurt sandwich rolls. Then with yesterday's farmers market goodies, I whipped up
  1. Cooked spinach with sauteed onion and mushrooms
  2. Steamed green beans  
  3. Soup - everything but the kitchen sink is in this soup. Let's see... sauteed onions, green pepper, mushrooms, and potatoes; then I added some tomatoes, black beans, white beans, sausage, and some leftover rice from the fridge; next came the liquid which was the run-off from steaming those green beans as well as several quarts of water; then salt and pepper to taste.
The way I see it, I'll serve the spinach over some local white rice; the green beans will serve as a side for sandwiches (homemade sandwich rolls, melted gouda cheese, fresh spinach); and the soup, I'll freeze for lunches next week. Pshew! It was a full afternoon of cooking, but the house sure did smell good. Mmmm! And everything is either local or homemade from scratch.

Of course, even after all that work, I still don't have any fruit. I did take one small bag of blueberries out of the freezer yesterday to thaw, but that certainly won't last the week. Today is errand day for us, though, so after a nice lunch with my hubby, The Farm Patch is on our list. The Farm Patch is our fruit and vegetable market, but not everything at The Farm Patch is local, so you have to ask. But they should have plenty of fresh, local fruit to choose from. 

Oh, right, and what did I actually buy from the grocery store this week? Mushrooms - and even they are local (from about 40 miles from here). That was it - just mushrooms. 

So there you have it, folks. The tomatoes may be disappearing, sending vendors and customers back to the hills, but I'm in this for the long-haul. And with my experience from last winter's all-local diet, I know the best is yet to come.

Happy (and mindful) eating!


Michelle said...

I have looked all over, but cannot find the recipe for your yogurt sandwich rolls. Would you share?

Michelle (

Heather @ SGF said...

Hey Michelle! Happy to pass this along. It's a good one!

This is the top bread recipe in our house. Even my hubby swoons of this one. Well, maybe not. Do men swoon? Anyway, it's our favorite. Hope you enjoy!

Joan said...

Our Saturday market is getting so crowded. I was hitting people right and left with my tote bags. Soup looks yummy.

Melissa said...

it's too bad that more people don't realize that when one thing goes away at the farmer's market, something else takes its place!

Heather @ SGF said...

Joan - ours was like that for two months. It's disappointing seeing people drift away. I get them not wanting to come in the winter, but there's still so much the market has to offer. :(

Melissa - no doubt! There's tons of good food still out there.