Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yesterday was our routine pick up for the dairy where we get our milk, cheese, and meat. Because it was Independence Day, we made arrangements with our delivery driver, Yadi, to meet earlier than our normal 5:00 PM pickup time so that she could enjoy the rest of the day with her family. Everyone said they could meet between 12:00 and 1:00 and the time was set. Since we had to drive into College Station anyway to get the milk, Dave and I were enjoying an early lunch at our favorite deli, when we received a call from Yadi telling us she'd was "stuck" out at the farm, that she would be late, and not to meet her until 1:30. Not a problem for us. We ran a couple errands in town and were parked in our meeting spot at 1:30.

Other customers began to arrive and waited patiently with us until finally, about 1:45, I saw Yadi's green truck pull around the corner. As you can see, it was immediately obvious why she had been running a little late (that's the photo Dave took above with his camera). It turns out, her fuel pump had died while she was out at the farm and her hubby had come to her rescue with his tow truck. Not only did he pick her up but delivered her, her truck, and our dairy supplies to town - because the milk must be delivered. Now THAT is dedication! 

Thanks, Yadi! Hope you had a wonderful 4th!


eco 'burban mom said...

Now you know just how much they care about what they are doing and what it means to their consumer. Isn't that the way business should really be?

Beany said...

That is dedication! Hope that pickup was secured well however...I'd be to nervous to stand that close to it.

Green Bean said...

Wow! That is dedication. If she can do that, I think we can do smaller things like pay attention to where our food comes from or waste less.