Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick quote - Elizabeth Gilbert

It's been a hectic week so I'm going to take a break today and just post a quickie. Here's a quote from a recent read  - Elizabeth Gilbert's  Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia:
"Whenever something happens, I always react. But here I was - disregarding the reflex. I was doing something I'd never done before. A small thing, granted, but how often do I get to say that? And what will I be able to do tomorrow that I cannot yet do today."

This statement really spoke to me. Here I am doing things I never thought I could. What amazing things are yet in my future of which I have not yet even begun to dream? When the future-Heather looks back at the current-Heather, what things will I shake my head at and laugh -  "Oh, current-Heather. If only you knew what wonderful things awaited you, you would relax and let the flow of life bring you to me without all that useless struggle... " I'm not usually quite so cordial in conversations with myself, but I can pretend with the best of them.

Gilbert is a truly gifted writer. Her story, a very personal journey from the depths of depression to true personal liberation, made me feel as if I was taking the trip right along with her. I could relate to her struggles and rejoice in her triumphs. The book is both funny and inspiring. Check it out!


Beany said...

I am slowly making my way through this book too! I am surprised I like it.

Heather @ SGF said...

You know, I was really surprised I liked it to. I had borrowed it from a friend (who highly recommended it) and for whatever reason (the pray in the title, perhaps), I was expecting something really preachy. But it wasn't it. Even in her misery, she writes things in such a way that she made me laugh although I could relate all too well.

Despite the fact that she is a very spiritual person, she wasn't pushing religion at all. I relaxed after she swore a few times at the beginning. I realized this was just someone sharing her story and not some holier-thou-live-this-way-because-I-said-so kinda person. She really is a hoot!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your reading. Her bike rides in Indonesia sounded fun. Just wandering for the sake of wandering without a single other plan or responsibility for the day. That sounds nice...

Melissa said...

we read this for my book group not too long ago. It was interesting to see the different things everyone took away from it!

Heather @ SGF said...

Melissa - I can imagine. The reviews on Amazon are all over the place!

I really like that in the end, she decided that the voice in her head that repeatedly spoke to her, calming her, was not a supreme being but her future self.

I don't subscribe to any religion, but both in the buddhist and christian teachings I've heard and read, the theme keeps coming up that "the kingdom of heaven is within." In other words, we have all the power of true happiness and peace within us if we dig deep and find it. I like that.