Monday, May 12, 2008

Lookin' good baby - Check out the new wheels

Gas prices these days have made us take a serious look at how much we drive. Dave and I have always been pretty careful about combining errands so we save on gas, we only have the one car which Dave drives to the university and back, and we have tried to have at least one day a week where we don't use the car at all (usually Saturday or Sunday). 

As a gallon was approaching $3, we calculated how much we use just driving to and from the university each day. It turns out, that's one gallon of gas at whatever price it is currently selling. So right now, it's costing us (and we're lucky that one of the cheapest places in town is next door - Kroger) $3.56. Just to drive to and from work? That's not even taking rising parking costs into account. Geez!  

So when a gallon did finally hit $3, Dave decided it was time to stop this gas-guzzling nonsense and look into biking options.  He's always been an amazing biker (putting my supposedly in-shape body to serious shame). When he was riding daily, he'd take his road bike out and disappear for 2 to 2-1/2 hours. About the time I'd start to worry that he'd been run over by the Sanderson Farms chicken truck or kidnapped by a crazy pack of red-necks, he'd pull into the driveway hot, sweaty and exhausted, but feelin' mighty fine.  Wow!  I freak out if I have to bike more than 30 minutes and if there's more than 5-10 mile a hour winds? Forget it! I'm useless (let me walk it and it's a different story, but I digress).

The road bike, while great for long rides, wasn't working for him on the short (short for him, excruciating for me) ride to and from work each day.  So after researching his options he visited Aggieland Cycling and (drum roll please) he has a new super duper sweet Giant Cypress, "just right for the trail or path, Giant's comfort bike features comfortable positioning, easy peddling, and luxurious contact points" (from Giant's website).  Whatever. Ain't it sweet looking? And it's so cushy (I've threatened to mistake it for my own, though that might be hard considering mine is the one with the shopping cart affixed to the back - he he).

So there it is. We're parking the car in the garage, getting our daily dose of exercise, and helping our good old Momma Earth in the process (and I get to see my hubby in biking shorts). Lookin' good baby!

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CindyW said...

Bravo for you guys!

Out here in Northern California, gas has hit $4 since last month. My husband bikes to work (6 miles away) twice a week. And I drive about 3 times a week. We are not at the gas station often. Still, I wish we could ditch one car. Will take a lot of work and coordination to get there.