Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The 100 mile diet

Has anyone ever noticed how big Texas is? I mean, I KNOW it's big, but look at that map I found today. The circle? That's the 100-mile diet circle (thanks to the 100-mile diet website). Thankfully, we have an awesome year-round farmers market and most of my food comes from well within that circle, but when I added fruits to the local diet menu, I allowed for pretty much anything that comes from the state of Texas. That watermelon from April? South Texas. Those grapefruit I ate everyday, day after day after day after day...? South Texas. I don't think I'm exactly eating anything shipped in from West Texas which would be eons further (I don't eat much cactus), but South Texas (probably an extra 100-150 miles) has been a must for fruits, if nothing else. Perhaps as I start stocking up this summer, I'll be able to make it all winter on local, 100-mile fruits, but we'll see. I'm thinking, like Arduous, that it's far healthier to not worry so much about having that perfect local diet. Did I mention Texas is really big?

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