Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tea Time

There's just something about a cup of hot tea that warms me up and calms my whole world.  But it's also one of the things I have continued to purchase at the grocery store (green tea). Recently, however, I read Plenty by Alisa Smith and JB Mackinnon (they are the couple from British Columbia who experimented for one year with a diet comprised exclusively within miles; aka 100-mile diet) and within the first few pages of the book was a recipe for herbal tea. Basically, it's just mint and sage.  And I thought to myself: I know EXACTLY where I can get mint and sage!  So at last weekend's farmers market, I picked up a bag of each herb.

I happen to have a $1 tea ball that I got on clearance at Kroger this past winter. Inside, I placed a few leaves of mint and a few leaves of sage (I paid $1 for each of the bags so it's a matter of pennies in each cup of tea).  I poured 2 cups of hot water from our electric kettle into my mug and dipped the tea ball inside to steep.  The water itself didn't change in color like a normal tea would, but I got the loveliest flavor and aroma!

I think we've found a winner!  Chalk another point up to local eating!

Seems like herbs would be easy to grow, too. Maybe that'll be my next adventure. I've never grown herbs. Anyone have tips for growing?  Or perhaps other combinations for homemade herbal tea? 


Melissa said...

this sounds great! I got sage in my csa box this week and wasn't sure what to do with it! and yes, herbs are pretty easy to grow too, even in containers indoors. I currently have dill and oregano going, and mint was actually one of my next to add. In fact, based on my past experiences, I would only grow mint in a container because it spreads like CRAZY! Let me know how it goes if you try it.

Theresa said...

I really liked that book! I forgot about the tea recipe in it though - thanks for the reminder. I have mint and sage seeds and I should really plant a few (keeping the mint in a container, for sure!).

Heather said...

I'm going to check out the plants at the farmers market this weekend. I might just end up with a mint seedling in my basket. I have some compost from last weekend's Earth Day Celebration and a pretty purple pot from a time my Dad brought me flowers. It'll feel good to finally break the ice into growing food again. It's been a few years and I've never done herbs. I've got my fingers crossed!

Melissa said...

follow up to my last comment...I made the tea and it was deeeelicious! better than any herbal tea I've ever bought! thanks so much for the tip!