Sunday, April 27, 2008

Local diet update: Sunday, April 27

Cha ching!  I hit the mother-load at yesterday's farmers market! Check out that spread!  I am now the very proud owner of my very own mint plant! I can make my own tea now, thank you.  

I also talked to Heirloom Herbals (BTW she will happily take the paper sleeves back from the soaps to reuse - Yeah!). I picked up another bar of Eucalyptus soap as well as a "shampoo bar" scented in lemongrass with jojoba.  I first read about these shampoo bars just this week. I guess it has more moisturizers in it, but can be used as soap as well.  I tried it out in the shower after I got back from the market and it felt great! I was having some trouble getting my hair sudsy enough (my hair is pretty long) so I ended up using shampoo anyway, but it was wonderful as a soap.  It has a nice gentle fragrance that was just perfect.   And you know, I'm noticing that my face feels really smooth lately.  The soap, perhaps? I'm on a roll!

Let's see. I picked up a dozen eggs from Joe (he also has spinach and a few tomatoes in now - he was pretty excited about his first tomatoes of the season).  I got some white radishes (never tried white before) from one of the other egg vendor. Tomatoes from the hothouse lady (Gendron) from Millican. Then there was Lois, who had a huge selection this week. From her, I ended up with 2 cups of sugar snap peas, all those carrots, the mint plant, a bag of sage, a jar of spiced pear preserves, and  a jar of wild grape jelly (Lois makes the best jelly!). She had lots of other stuff too including broccoli, but I already had two full canvas bags of food.  Plus I still have 3 large jars of my homemade tomato soup from last week. All these goodies should easily feed me for a week. I'll have broccoli next week.   

Finally, the pride of my morning at the farmers market. Do you see it?  Right there in the front towards the left?  Look closely....Two bags of dewberries!  Woohoo!  The grapefruit fast is over! Needless to say, I ate half of one bag just for breakfast. Mmmmmm. No worries. I froze the other bag (I do have to make it all winter, after all). I foresee many more dewberries in my future, though. My dad called a few nights ago to tell me his front fence is covered in them. We're headed out there later today to do some picking. 

So it looks like this week's meals will be that wonderful chunky tomato soup from last week, sliced tomatoes, steamed sugar snap peas and carrots with just a pinch of salt, fried eggs, and some of my homemade bread with Lois' delicious jellies and jams. Yum! Is it lunch time yet?

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