Sunday, April 13, 2008

Local Diet Update: Sun, Apr 13

Great farmers market yesterday! There were a wide variety of vendors that covered most of the Brazos Health Department parking lot:
  • eggs (4 vendors total, I think)
  • veggies (greens, onions, turnips, tomatoes)
  • honey
  • grass-fed beef
  • salsa
  • breads
  • soaps and salves
  • fresh cut flowers in beautiful arrangements
  • wood bird feeders (the gentleman who sells the salsa also tinkers in woodworking - I absolutely love items made from wood and his feeders are really nice)
  • lots of seedlings
I walked away with a dozen eggs, a big bag of tomatoes, a bunch of spinach, and some purple onions. As the growing season comes into full swing there'll be a much wider variety, but for now, I'm set. See, this winter when there was nothing on the veggie front but cabbage, onions and potatoes, I got a little worried about a food shortage, so I bought up all I could and made an entire freezer full of cabbage soup. Um. Let's just say it was overkill. I still have half a freezer full of cabbage soup. Don't get me wrong, I love cabbage soup, but almost every day for the last several months is kinda pushing it - even for me!

So for an alternative this week, those tomatoes, spinach and onions will make some really nice salads, and complemented with leftover parsley and oregano from the farmers marker earlier in the month, I have plans for a nice pot of chunky tomato soup.

Nothing in the way of fruit yet. The pears from Daddy are gone so I'm back to local grapefruit until I can get my hands on some berries. From what I understand about the seasonal charts, I should be coming up on berries and maybe some cantaloupes soon. Oh please, oh please, oh please.......

P.S. I asked the woman who sells the fresh flower arrangements if she'd want my old vases (you know you get flowers, you enjoy them but eventually they die, and then what do you do with all those vases?). Well, she wanted them! Yeah! So I have them packed up and ready for the market next week.

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