Friday, July 24, 2009

California 2009 - Day 3

Another gorgeous day in sunny California. This was the last day of the conference in San Jose, but Dave didn't see anything on the schedule that he was interested in, so he took the day off and escorted me back to "our" breakfast spot (Specialty's Bakery and Cake) for another round of cinnamon roll (for Dave) and toasted peanut butter and banana (for me). I did remember to take a photo this time. Drooling is permitted just be sure to mind your keyboard...

Then we met up with one of Dave's best friends (who was at the conference as a exhibitor) to investigate San Jose's San Pedro Square farmers' markets. The square itself is blocked off to traffic every Friday to host the market, where vendors line the street selling the best of San Jose (and a few other non-local odds and ends). Not only did they have a HUGE variety of fresh fruits and veggies, but they also had live music, nuts, meats, cheeses, beeswax candles, jewelry, prepared foods, chocolates, coffees, teas, and clothes. I'd do my clothes shopping there any day (which is saying a lot from me who hates shopping for clothes)!

I refrained from buying any clothes though, as Dave picked up some free shirts for me from the conference (why buy clothes when you can get them for free?).We did pick up a few goodies - Dave got a loaf of cinnamon bread and I got a tiny loaf of vegan pumpkin bread (I just had to do it). I came close to buying some seasoned almonds, but held back as we are planning to hit the Aptos Farmers' Market tomorrow, which is far larger and more impressive than the San Jose market (at least the Friday one). In other words, I was pacing myself! Anyway, after securing our few purchases, we had a quick lunch and were stationed in front of our hotel by 1PM, waiting for Dave's brother-in-law (aka our ride over the hill to Santa Cruz and a week of true holiday with Dave's family).

We'll be staying with Dave's mom for the duration of our holiday, with plans to visit the farmer's market, catch the latest Harry Potter flick and, with any luck, Food Inc which wasn't carried by either of our theaters back at home, as well as relax and enjoy family.

Vacation has truly just begun!


Chile said...

If you don't see Food, Inc. there, you can always swing by Tucson on your way home and see it here. ;-)

Heather @ SGF said...

Chile - Something tells me the other passengers might be upset if I just suddenly parachute out of the plane near Tucson. But if we don't catch the movie here, I might just be desperate enough :)

Anonymous said...

The lady selling salsa at that market had some really great salsas, but the chocolate vendor was the only one I thought would travel home with me well! Unfortunately, my hints to the salsa lady for her recipe went nowhere as expected...but at least I tried :)

Heather @ SGF said...

pck - Hey, stranger! The chocolate did look good. I tried some at the Aptos market yesterday that was really creamy!

People are funny about their recipes. I can teach you how to can salsa and you can whip up your own for the market. I can't promise I'll try it though :)